Celeste O’Brien Featured on Bring Your Dreams Alive Podcast

Our very own co-founder Celeste O’Brien was just featured on an episode of Cory Michelle’s Bring Your Dreams Alive podcast.

Cory and Celeste geeked out on the trials of entrepreneurship, the power of community for solopreneurs, and managing during times of uncertainty.

Read on to learn about some actionable insights from their conversation, and be sure to listen to the podcast in full using your favorite streaming platform!

Launching Symmetry Collective

January 1st was a huge day for Symmetry, as we officially launched Symmetry Collective, our community of wellness and therapeutic practitioners.

The mission of Symmetry Collective is to help people be and feel the best version of themselves, allowing them to  go out into the world and contribute in their own positive and unique ways.

The vision of the Collective stays true to the core vision of Symmetry massage: health and well-being is a state instead of a pursuit.

Human connection is what holds us all together. This is true whether through the power of touch, or supporting others in their business goals. Connection also fuels growth. The more people we can unite around the mission and vision, the more it ripples outward.

But before you become a part of a community, you need to take the first steps.

Taking the First Steps

As she discusses in her interview with Cory, it has been 15 years since Celeste started out as a solopreneur and business owner. But the feeling of starting out is still vivid in her memory.

“Starting off with a few massage therapists felt like jumping off a cliff and hoping I land.”

This is one of the biggest challenges for new business owners. Motivation comes easy. Planning out the first steps is exciting, but jumping in head first, that’s the hard part.

Managing the Fear of Failure

“Maybe I/we shouldn’t be doing this.”

This is a common thought for solopreneurs. Thinking it isn’t a bad thing, but you will need to move beyond it before you jumpstart your business. The potential for failure never goes away, and you will always need to be prepared to stumble.

“Symmetry is your lab. Let it be an experiment.

Celeste mentions this is some of the best business advice she ever received. Whether you are building your marketing plan, finding your brand, or hiring a new staff member, get feedback throughout the process and be prepared to make adjustments.

The Challenges of Solopreneurship

Jumping into your business while managing the fear of failure is one thing, but there is another big  challenge all solopreneurs face.

You, your computer, and the four walls surrounding you. The daily grind of running a business is made tougher by the feeling that it’s you against the world.

“You’re not alone. You’re going to make some mistakes, but we are right here with you.”

There are many places to turn when you need support, inspiration, or someone to talk to:

  • Your community of other solopreneurs: This is what we are building at Symmetry Collective
  • Your client network: An excellent resource for new perspectives. If you have a network of people from all walks of life, why not ask them about what excites them in their businesses, volunteering, or any other pursuit?
  • Your mentor: Finding someone you trust is important for all solopreneurs, especially for those deeper questions.

More Advice for Entrepreneurs

Celeste and Cory also touched on managing during uncertain times, how to find your mission and core values, and why vulnerability and realness make a better leader than putting on a brave face.

To hear the rest of these insights, listen to the podcast in full using the links at the top of the page.

That’s all for now! See you on the Symmetry Collective blog again very soon.