Experience the Magic of Clarity Breathwork and Sound Healing

6:30 pm


8:30 pm

Wheat Ridge

Join Janna Yost for this unique blend of Clarity Breathwork and Sound Healing.

Settle in and be immersed in healing vibrations as we then transition on a sacred journey guided by the power of your breath. It's an invitation to connect with your inner self, shed burdens, and attune to the profound wisdom within your heart. This experience is thoughtfully crafted with intention and mindfulness, providing a nurturing space for grounding and centering.

Clarity Breathwork is a gentle yet potent breathing technique that nurtures healing and personal transformation. It enables the release of stress stored within the body's cells, facilitating the transformation of limiting thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. The breath's profound impact extends to physical, emotional, mental, and energetic well-being, opening a gateway to your inner truth.

Do you yearn for a profound transformation, to let go of those long-held emotions and beliefs, or to break free from the same old narrative you've carried? Are you seeking inner calm and emotional equilibrium? Do you crave a deeper sense of peace about your past, present, and future? If you're ready to take that step, come and discover it for yourself!

The breathwork journey will be held by a multi-instrument sound healing experience before and after 50 minutes of Clarity Breathwork. Join us for this unique offering of two beautiful modalities.

All levels are welcome, and no experience is necessary. Please bring a yoga mat, bolster, pillow, blankets and anything else that would support you to be comfortable.

Cost: $35