Energy Healing Professional Certification Course

10:00 am


4:30 pm

Wheat Ridge

Are you a therapist, medical professional, or coach looking to revamp your approach and harness the transformative power of energy? Dive deep into the realm of Energy Healing tailored for Therapy & Healthcare in our exclusive one-day certification, taught by Alice Brink.

You should take this course to:

💡 Master the Energy Interplay Method, centered on centering, grounding, and transmitting healing energy.

💡 Learn from scientific and clinical validation and apply specific techniques for your discipline.

💡 Engage with fellow classmates in multiple practice interactions.

💡 Receive a comprehensive course manual and a certificate of completion upon assessment.

Your class fee covers a catered lunch, beverages, snacks, and an insightful course manual, all for $277.

📞 Limited Seats! To ensure your spot, text or call Alice Marie Brink at 816-365-9496 and register by 11/5.