Energy Healing for Yourself

6:30 pm


8:30 pm

Wheat Ridge

Are you feeling blocked in your journey - be it business, relationships, or healing?

Join us for a special Energy Healing Workshop with Alice Brink, Self-Empowerment Coach and Energy Trainer on Wednesday, Oct. 25th to dive deep and rejuvenate!

🌌 Explore the Energy Interplay Method of healing to access the energy that rightfully belongs to you and feel the subtle, empowering energy flow.

Benefits of Energy Healing:

πŸ’‘ Accelerate recovery from injuries.

πŸ’‘ Find relief from stress, anxiety, and muscle tension.

πŸ’‘ Enhance your sleep and overall energy levels.

πŸ’‘ Foster more harmonious relationships and workplace environments.

Do you sense there's more for you to discover? Let's tap into your innate healing potential and rise above daily stressors. Experience firsthand the power of energy, guided by interactive activities and innovative methods.


Cost:Β $44

πŸ“žText or call Alice at 816-365-9496 for a conversation or register.