About Us

Our Vision

Symmetry360 was started in 2008 when two friends, Celeste and Kina, came together with a vision:

  • They wanted to offer massage as more than a luxury escape.
  • They wanted to highlight how helpful massage can be in supporting a person's health.

At the time, we were just two friends with a single massage therapy room in the back of a Denver Pilates studio.

Meet Celeste and Kina

Our Beliefs

We believe that when people discover how amazing their bodies are with a little nurturing touch, they can experience relief from physical and emotional pain – and show up as the best version of themselves.

We want people to recognize their ability to effect positive change. They can be the catalyst for an internal message like this:

“When I feel great, I can do more, when I can do more, I can see how much I am capable of.”

We believe the human body is amazing, and so is the human potential within that body.

From these beliefs, Symmetry was born.

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Our Journey

We are not alone in our journey. Through our company, we have found others who believe in the positive impact of the healing arts on our clients' lives and communities.

Big dreams become reality one small step at a time. We started our massage therapy company from a single massage room and have grown to multiple locations in the Denver metro area with over 60 employees.

After 15 years in business, we are now on a mission to help other business owners not only survive, but thrive. Through our years of business experience, we have gained the knowledge and necessary skills to persevere during challenging times.

We believe that the more we support other healing practitioners with similar values – the more we forward our mission and empower our community.

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Meet The Team


Kina understood the impact of bodywork early in her life through her own experiences with chronic pain. This grew into a fascination with the human body and how discomfort can affect so many aspects of life.

After devoting her career to her clients and seeing the impact that taking small moves towards self-care could have, her passion for spreading that impact increased.

She recognized that her reach was limited to only her clients, and that there was a gap in the industry between larger spa or franchise companies and individual practitioners.


Celeste found massage therapy at a pivotal point in her life, ultimately seeking her own purpose in the world. She found that massage therapy was a way to make a positive impact on clients' physical and mental wellbeing.

Massage became a catalyst for her own personal growth, giving her a deeper understanding of her own body and its ability to heal.

“When we started our massage therapy company, I was able to see how building a business, and a community could help create a positive impact on other massage therapists.
Becoming a business owner gave me a platform to continue to expand my skills in the world of entrepreneurship. I became driven to create a thriving workplace for our therapists, providing benefits and continued education, and a place where therapist and staff could feel like part of a community and family.”

Celeste loves being physically active through dance, working out, hiking, running, biking, anyway she can keep her body moving and strong. She enjoys a sunny patio in the summer and cozy fireplaces in the winter.

You will find several personal development or business books in her hand at any time. If you were to give her an element it would be fire, sparking and igniting passion and action in others.